free as in the bird-land
creative as the artist
open as the blossom
playful as the seed

joyful as the fountain
crazy as the hatter man
eager to be learning
growing on the trees

Short history

Out of the blue! The long waiting expired as Artemi and Vera met at the BioFürJede gathering near Zurich in summer 2015. Singing for the birds, while bells are ringing in the oaks they watch out for the rainbow worriors in the free world. Dancing through the vastness of creation, day by day, they tell stories of deep forests and sing songs about the arrival in the presence. Sometimes in the middle of the great unknown, in preparation for the things to come. Directions turn, pictures change, but they always bear in mind who they are – who are they?

About Vera

She is a creative woman with an open-heart, who is exploring dimensions and is going beyond the edge. Good at: singing, opening people’s hearts, connecting anything. Bad at: wearing gray clothes, staying focused for longer time, not travelling.

About Artemi

He is an interested, innovativ and multi-tasking artist, full of enthusiasm to be the change, he would like to see in the world. Good at: holding space, problem solving, being clever. Not good at: relaxing, staying in one place or doing only one thing.